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Rescue teams arrived Yinxiu Town of Wenchuan County

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Rescue helicopter arrived at Yinxiu Town of Wnechuan County

The access of the epicentre of the earthquake had been blocked by landslide and bad weather for two days, until Chinese army and armed police reached it on foot and by helicopter on Wednesday (14 May) morning.

Full report from Xinhua News Agency

Photos from earthquake area

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Children reunited with their parents.

Xinhua News Agency has regular updates on their English website.

Urgent Call: Save Children affected by Sichuan Earthquake

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

The death toll caused by the Sichuan earthquake is reported to be 15,000 already. The number is still rising. A lot of school children were amongst those tragically killed when their school buildings collapsed.

We have spoken to the local authorities and understand that water, clothes, medicine, and food are URGENTLY needed.

To help children and orphanages in the disaster area, Mother Bridge of Love (MBL) is making an urgent appeal to all our friends and colleagues to make a donation to support the disaster relief efforts. Your generous help would be much appreciated.

Last year, we donated money to the flood-hit area of Sichuan. The money we raised through Edinburgh Marathon was used to Tongjiang to build up a collapsed school kitchen in helping children back to school earlier.

100 % of donations received will once again be sent to Sichuan to provide much needed assistance to children. Our focus will be helping children and women to recover from physical (food, water, and medical care immediately) and physiological damage (Counseling in a later stage).

The donation will be sent to the local schools and mothers and carers directly through our local advisory volunteers. The money will be used to buy the most urgently needed goods and rescue the children still underneath the debris. We will report back the progress from the front line.

Please make a donation . This can be done quickly and easily online by supporting our Edinburgh Marathon Runners to raise funds for the disaster relief. Please go to the website:

For any other form of support you could provide, please contact WENDY WU (CEO) at headoffice@motherbridge 020 70340686
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