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May 21st, 2008

She Didn’t Cry

Translated from Chinese by Candice Zhou

The 12 years old student Li Yue was from Beichuan. She was buried in the ruins. Her left leg was stuck between huge concrete sheets. The rescuers didn’t have the equipment to remove the heavy concrete. Li Yue begged the man accompanied her, ”I’d rather kill myself if I lost my leg.”

The dilemma facing the rescue team was there were four other students buried underneath Li Yue who were still alive. If they couldn’t take Li Yue out quickly, the four students’ can’t be rescued and their lives were in danger. There were several aftershocks everyday, and might cause more casualties. At last, Li Yue’s mom agreed to doctor’s advice. Her daughter’s left leg was to be amputated on site.

After 69 hours under the ruins, Li Yue was rescued. When she awaked, she found she had already lost her left leg. However, she didn’t cry.

I have seen many stories about the earthquake, and this is the first one about the child who didn’t cry. Wish small Li Yue be strong to go on her way. And hope more people will come to help her and support her.

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  1. I wish to know how I can help small Li Yue. Please advise. Joel Carlson

  2. On the news from May 26th, it says Li Yue will move to beijing for the operation. And many people care for her now. more info you can see in:

  3. Wonderful site=) Will want a decent amount of time to absorb your stuff=)

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