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Help the Earthquake Children to Recover
May 11th, 2009

Fu Jing: Kids in Sichuan still need your support

China Daily’s journalist Fu Jing, who’s part of the Sichuan Earthquake Update team, traveled to Sichuan last year and started a programme to help the poor families in Pingwu county and other areas of Sichuan. In the following letter he expressed his gratitute towards all the people who offered help and support.

Dear all,

Today China Daily has generously left its front-page space for OUR HONGBAI story and CCTV has kindly picked it up. The links follow:

After the quaker, there is love, there is hope


For the recognition, I would like to thank Mr. James Jao and Madame Jao, Mr. Zhang Kailian, Mr. Peng Xiancheng for their all-heart support financially or in any other forms. And I am in deep debt to all the volunteers for your time, knowledge and love left with kids and teachers in the scarred mountains in Sichuan.

After more than ten-day enlightening trip in quake zone, I was quite impressed by fast and sound progress of building schools, hospitals, factories and residential places. Meanwhile, I was astonished that how little professional psychological counseling those traumatized minds, especially those hidden in sky-high mountains, have already obtained.

Our volunteers, I think, have already offered “cultural recipe” for those kids who were frightened by falling stones, collapses, corpses and heart-torn cries. This, in some sense, is healing the kids need. However, the problem is that we could not stay long with them. And we could not help those all traumatized hearts.

To address these problems, and on the occasion of one year anniversary of May 12 quake, I am still appealing:

Kids need your help and love.

Kids need your long-haul help and love.

And those kids in the mountains urgently need your long-haul help and love.

Tomorrow is a day of sorrow. And let us pray for those dead and let us help those survivors.

Fu Jing

4 Responses to “Fu Jing: Kids in Sichuan still need your support”

  1. Mrs M M L Soloman (nee Wang) Says:
    June 15th, 2009 at 12:16 am

    I would like to adopt an orphan from the Sichuan earthquake irregardless of age, gender, background or even just to provide financially for the child or teenager till adulthood in China.

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