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Article: Chinese eager to adopt quake orphans

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

(The information for MBL from FanWu in USA.)

Chinese eager to adopt quake orphans By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN and CARA ANNA, Associated Press Writers

The children’s faces stare in somber black-and-white photos from newspapers and scribbled posters at relief camps, seeking their parents. Many will never find them.

As the first estimate of orphans - more than 4,000 - emerged Thursday from last week’s deadly earthquake, thousands of Chinese are rushing to offer their homes. “My husband and I would really like to adopt an earthquake orphan (0-3 years old),” Wang Liqin wrote on popular Web site in a forum that was already three pages long.

The high interest is another sign of China’s tremendous post-quake outpouring of sympathy, buoyed by rising prosperity. And it’s a surprising turnabout in a country in which government red-tape, poverty and traditional attitudes long combined to discourage adoption.

The new enthusiasm also means that Americans and other foreigners wanting to adopt may not have a chance. Officials estimate that the number of Chinese wanting to adopt the earthquake’s orphans may outnumber the orphans themselves.


A little hero who is only 9 years old

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

(source: sina, translated by Candice)

The speed for the connection of the video might be slow. The mandarin voiceover can be briefly translated as follows.

It is about a little hero named Lin Hao who is only 9 years old. When the earthquake happened, he was in the school with other 30 students. Only about 10 students escaped from the building. The little boy, who had escaped, went back to pulled out two other pupils and carried them to safety.

Now he is in Dujiangyan with his sister and we see no panic in his eyes. But till now he hasn’t found his parents yet. Wish good luck with him and wish he would find his mom and dad in the end.

One report from ruined beichuan

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

The thread of life amid debris of destruction
By Fu Jing
Updated: 2008-05-21 07:14
(source:China Daily)

Children from Beichuan county
Children from Beichuan county, one of the worst-hit areas in Sichuan province, play a game in Jiuzhou Stadium in Mianyang city yesterday. A lot of people who lost their homes in the quake have taken shelter in the stadium. [China Daily]

BEICHUAN, Sichuan: Yang Debiao refuses to eat. “How can I when I have lost 60 family members and relatives in the quake?” says the 38-year-old. “How can I live without my wife? What will I tell my daughter when she asks where her mother is?”

Yang has just returned from Shanxi province where he worked in a mine.

His wife died when the cyber caf she used to work in collapsed. His nine-year-old daughter escaped miraculously, though hundreds of her schoolmates died when their school building collapsed.

Yang and Deng Xingyou, a retiree, are sitting on the rubble of building with their surviving relatives. Two bundles of clothes and quilts and a bottle of edible oil lie near them. Both of them returned to Beichuan county from a shelter in Mianyang city on Monday in the hope of finding their loved ones.

Though many people have been found alive under the debris of buildings after five, six or even seven days, the chance of finding one now is too remote.


She Didn’t Cry

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Translated from Chinese by Candice Zhou

The 12 years old student Li Yue was from Beichuan. She was buried in the ruins. Her left leg was stuck between huge concrete sheets. The rescuers didn’t have the equipment to remove the heavy concrete. Li Yue begged the man accompanied her, ”I’d rather kill myself if I lost my leg.”

The dilemma facing the rescue team was there were four other students buried underneath Li Yue who were still alive. If they couldn’t take Li Yue out quickly, the four students’ can’t be rescued and their lives were in danger. There were several aftershocks everyday, and might cause more casualties. At last, Li Yue’s mom agreed to doctor’s advice. Her daughter’s left leg was to be amputated on site.

After 69 hours under the ruins, Li Yue was rescued. When she awaked, she found she had already lost her left leg. However, she didn’t cry.

I have seen many stories about the earthquake, and this is the first one about the child who didn’t cry. Wish small Li Yue be strong to go on her way. And hope more people will come to help her and support her.

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The First Day Back to School

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

News source

Two buildings collapsed in the earthquake in Juyuan secondary school China,Photophied by Junhu Li, repoter of Finance and Economy Net.
Two buildings collapsed in the earthquake in Juyuan secondary school China,Photographied by Junhu Li, repoter of Finance and Economy.
On the day returning to school, Shihao Guo read a card with his writing with tears,' Brother Wei Zhu, Are you all right in Heaven? '
On the day returning to school, Shihao Guo read a card with his writing with tears,’ Brother Wei Zhu, Are you all right in Heaven?

On 19th of May, Some of secoundary one students in Juyuan Secondary school, city of Dujiangyan, returned to class.

The classes were moved to Juyuan Primary school because in Juyuan Scoundary, 1 or 2 km away, 2 buildings collapsed in the earthquake and several hundred students and 6 teachers were tragically killed.

The head teacher of Juyuan Secondary school said,’ one week ago, we were working and studying together, but now we are seperated between 2 worlds.’


Video: Thousands of children & student died in Sichuan Earthquake

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

The audiences are warned that the first half of this video contains some highly distressful pictures (they may have seen too many). However, in the second half, the author of this video, who was born and raised in Yingxiu and Dujiangyan, expressed his sorrow and love to his hometown, which is heart-warming.

A mom’s power

Monday, May 19th, 2008

- Translated from Chinese by Candice Zhou

When the rescue team found her, she was already dead, crushed by the collapsing building. Through the gap of a pile of rubble, the resucers saw her in a strang kneeing position, upper body bending forward, two arms stretching to support the body, as if in an ancient ceremony. The rescuers shouted toward the debris, tapped on the bricks. No response. They moved on.

The team leader suddenly realised something. He rushed back. “Come! Come!”, shouted he. He moved closer to her, stretched to reach underneath her upper body. After trying several times, he shouted, “There is someone! There is a child! Alive!”

After while they managed to remove the rubble on top of her. Underneatch her chest, protected by her arms and legs, was this baby, wrapped in a red quilt with yellow flower spots, only 3 or 4 months old, sleeping, uninjuried.

A doctor came to examine the baby. Unfolding the quilt, a mobile phone dropped out. On the screen, there was a text message, “My dear baby, if you survive, remember I love you.”

The doctor, who had seen too many terrible things in the last few days, bursted into tears. The phone was carefully passed around the rescuers, when the tears flow.

Update from Deyang

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I was on the phone with Mr Hu Bei, Deputy Director of Deyang (德阳) Educational Bureau, another county near the epicentre which has been devastated by the earthquake. One of his main concerns was how quickly they can rebuild schools for the estimated 30,000 school children survived the quake. He wanted to make sure the children would be able to resume they study as soon as possible, not to miss too many lessons. According to his estimate, the school rebuilding project would cost at least 3 billion RMB (about £220 millions, US$430 millions) in Deyang County alone.

He also expressed the concern that the relief aids were not reaching the areas outside big towns quickly enough. About 60-80% of collapsed houses are in the poor rural areas, where the children need more attention and care.

Wendy Wu

CEO, Mother Bridge of Love

19 May 2008

Tingting’s Love for Children in earthquake

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Two drawings from the six-year-old for the children in China Quake:

“Crathes Castle” by Tingting

“Drum Castle” by Tingting

*************** Mom’s letter ************

My dear friends,

Everyday I receive either phone calls or e-mails from my friends around the world asking me if my family are safe in China. I want to give a heartfelt thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and concern.

The earthquake has not just hit the people in China, but overseas Chinese too, few days on my heart feels the pain and my tears could not stop while I am watching and reading the news.

This morning, I showed my daughter Tingting some of the after quake images on the internet, and told her that so many children have now lost their Mum and Dad; they have nothing left, because the earthquake has destroyed everything around Chengdu. She was listening and looking at the photographs, then she suddenly walked away from the computer quietly and I heard her bedroom door slam shut. I instantly thought maybe some of the images were too disturbing and had upset her, I went to her room to check, when I opened the door, a touching scene strike me before my eyes:

Tingting knelt down on the floor, two hands were shaking her moneybox and some pennies had dropped on the red carpet, she saw me come in, then quickly grabbed the pennies and held them in front of me:

“Mummy, give the children my money, tell them: please buy anything they like.”

Oh! The moment, my heart was tightening and my tears rushed out like pulling rain, I hugged her with all my heart and I was completely speechless.

“Is this enough Mummy,” she looked at me and asked with her pure innocent face.

When I looked down, my tears had dropped on her little hands with few brown and silver pennies. She put them down on the floor and said let’s count them:

“One, two, three…” she earnestly counted each penny and summed them up with her small fingers:

“Eighteen… wait Mum, I have more”. She then went to her draw and found her little purse, took other few pennies out,

“Is this enough now”! She had that little worried look on her face.

I wiped out my tear but still more burst out and I could not stop. I know that she was waiting for me to confirm.

“No, my little sweetie, its not enough here,” I watched her little face with a disappointment.

“But helps. Every penny you give to them all helps, help them to buy a pencil, paper so they can draw like you. Thank you Tingting https://..kamagra-oral-jelly/! My darling, Mum so proud of you!”

I hugged her so tight, and kissed her “Mum love you so much”.

“Mum, I want to you be happy”.

“Yes, I am happy! I am so happy you have a good and kind heart, you care about people”.

As a mother this is a best reward, and I am so proud of her, my little girl who is six years of age, who can be so considerate who has such a kind heart.

This is just a little story happened today and I would like to share with you, once again, thanks very much for your friendship. My family and friends in Chengdu are safe and well.

Here I attach the Website, a charity ” Mother Bridge of Love” which founded by my friend Xinran, who has given her heart to help children in China, if you would like to make a donation to help the Sichuan earthquake, you could find how to do it in the website.
Alternatively contact Wendy Wu at 020 70340686 for information about MBL.

Thank you all


Every Child’s Life Counts

Friday, May 16th, 2008


Children’s school bags are awaiting parents to collect back home, while those carring the bags will never go back home again!

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