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Poem by Zhang Suning: Is any survivor here this child’s family member?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

A poem written by Zhang Suning, inspired by the events in the rescue operation. Zhang Suning recited the poem during the Edinburgh charity auction.

‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’

by Zhang Suning (Chinese version here)

Translated from Chinese to English, by Yuhua Hu

Is any survivors here this child's family member?

2am, 13 May. A medical team member in Dujiangyan, “Is any survivor here this child’s family member?”

I don’t know your name
but I know you are your parents’ baby
I don’t know your age
But I know you and my child are the same age
I don’t know whether your parents are still among us
But I know you are safe in the arms of this unfamiliar Aunt
I don’t know if you’re fast asleep, or in a coma
but I know you’ve just suffered a hellish trauma

Perhaps in your dreams you are remembering your mum’s kisses so dear
Perhaps in your coma you are stroking your daddy’s beard
Perhaps you have not woken from the shock yet
Perhaps you have remained among the memory before the Quake still
Perhaps you’re still waiting for your Mum and Dad to come back
Perhaps you are waiting for when you need no more ‘perhaps’

‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’
This is an anxious call of searching
This is an eruption of suppressed sorrow
This is a desperate cry of a grief-stricken heart
This is a faint hope among the immense suffering
‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’
This call is an earthquake shaking my soul
Ripping apart every parent’s heart

Child, I beg you to wake up soon
You still have many people who care for you
We are waiting for you to come back safe
We willl see to that a bright future will come apace
Child, I beg you to wake up soon
You are Sichuan’s child
You are China’s child
You are our child, everyone of us

Charity auction raised 700 pounds for the earthquake children

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

A tea party and charity auction held in Edinburgh Confucius Institute raised 700 pounds for the Help the Earthquake Children campaign.
Wang Ying, the painting of Sichuan boy, and MBL CEO Wendy Wu

The event, organised by Dr Yuhua Hu of Edinburgh University, was to raise fund for the charity Mother Bridge of Love (MBL), who will use the donation to help children affected by the Sichuan earthquake. Some local and visiting artists donated their work for the auction. Xiang Silou, a woodblock artist, donated two of his woodblock prints through Edinburgh Confucius Institute. A professor from Sichuan Normal University Institute of Arts, Xiang Silou is currently the artist in residence at the Burrell Collection, Glasgow and had exhibition recently in Ricefield. He went back to Sichuan before the earthquake and would like to help the people in the earthquake by donating his art work. Many Chinese of all generations had donated artifacts, jewels, fashion accessories and green teas for the auction. Wang Ying, a young artist, brought her own painting, Boy with a Bamboo Flute, to the event. The boy in the painting is a young Sichuan boy Miss Wang met during her trip to Sichuan last year.

Participants of the tea party and auction were mainly Chinese students, professionals and their local friends. Consul Li Li Bei from Chinese Consulate General told the audiences she was touched by the support and solidarity shown by the British public. Wendy Wu, CEO of MBL, expressed her gratitude towards Dr Yuhua Hu, the auction host Dr Zhongdong Niu, a Napier University lecturer, other helpers who were all volunteers, and the participating crowd. She also discussed some potential projects in Sichuan earthquake area the donation could support

Several local Chinese artists came to give performance during the party. Dr Zhongdong Niu injected some auction spirit into it by asking the audiences to bid for the performance, bringing some joy into the otherwise solemn occasion. The most touching performance, however, was Mr Zhang Suning’s reading of two of his poems inspired by the true stories in the rescue process.

The event raised about 700 pounds for the Help the Earthquake Children project. Dr Yuhua Hu, a member of CYPE (Chinese Young Professionals in Edinburgh) said she’s glad to be able to do something to help the earthquake children. “I’ve seen tremendous support and kindness from the friends and public which the earthquake children will appreciate. We must do more to help them,” said Wendy Wu. MBL is cooperating with other organisation to run more fundraising events around the UK.


17th May Fundraising Event for Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

In the event of the harrowing earthquakes in Sichuan, Mother Bridge of Love (MBL) has decided to raise funds for the children who suffered in the earthquakes through our 17th May event previously planned for our Kungfu Panda - Edinburgh Marathon Relay Team.

Now our charity Dim Sum event is open for ALL who cares about the China and loves our Children.

Time: 1-4pm, 17 May, Saturday
Venue: Confucius Institute, Edinburgh University. (location and map below)

  • Consul Li Li Bei from Chinese Consulate General gives speech on the current state of the rescue and relief work in Sichuan and how we can offer more help from the UK.
  • Chinese art gallery Ricefield will bring us several original prints by the renowned woodblock artist Professor Xiang Silou from Sichuan Normal University. These woodblock prints will be auctioned to raise funds for more donations.
  • MBL CEO Wendy Wu thanks note.
  • Light drinks and Dim Sums will be provided at the event.

Please feel free to come and join us in the effort for helping the sufferring children in Sichuan. If you are not able to come along to the event and if you’d like to make a donation or make a bid for Professor Xiang Silou’s artwork, please go to this website:

Sichuan Earthqauke Update: Help the Earthquake Children to Recover

Linda Hu, Ph.D.
On behalf of MBL and CYPE (Chinese Young Professionals in Edinburgh)
15 May 2008

Venue information:
The Confucius Institute for Scotland
Abden House
1 Marchhall Crescent
Scotland, UK
EH16 5HP

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