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Help the Earthquake Children to Recover

Extend help to quake victims

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

China Daily’s journalist Fu Jing, who’s part of the Sichuan Earthquake Update team, has recently traveled to Sichuan and started a new programme to help the poor families in Pingwu county and other areas of Sichuan. If you’d like to help, please contact Fu Jing or write to us and we’re happy to pass your message.

Extend help to quake victims
By Fu Jing (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-11-08 08:00

Charitable deeds should be done without publicity.

This my friend James Jao believes is a traditional Chinese virtue, and he has engraved it in his mind as one of life’s philosophies. I agree.

But after an enlightening weekend tour of Sichuan’s earthquake zone, we decided to put aside that belief for a while. Our desire was to share what we were doing in a ruined primary school - bring hope, more help and assistance to kids enveloped in the scarred mountains.

It began half year ago when I was reporting the earthquake. In the ruins of Hongbai Primary School of Shifang, one of the severely hit cities near the epicenter, I found a dozen paintings by kids, which were themed “Green Earth” and “World Full of Love.”


A little hero who is only 9 years old

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

(source: sina, translated by Candice)

The speed for the connection of the video might be slow. The mandarin voiceover can be briefly translated as follows.

It is about a little hero named Lin Hao who is only 9 years old. When the earthquake happened, he was in the school with other 30 students. Only about 10 students escaped from the building. The little boy, who had escaped, went back to pulled out two other pupils and carried them to safety.

Now he is in Dujiangyan with his sister and we see no panic in his eyes. But till now he hasn’t found his parents yet. Wish good luck with him and wish he would find his mom and dad in the end.

Poem by Zhang Suning: Is any survivor here this child’s family member?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

A poem written by Zhang Suning, inspired by the events in the rescue operation. Zhang Suning recited the poem during the Edinburgh charity auction.

‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’

by Zhang Suning (Chinese version here)

Translated from Chinese to English, by Yuhua Hu

Is any survivors here this child's family member?

2am, 13 May. A medical team member in Dujiangyan, “Is any survivor here this child’s family member?”

I don’t know your name
but I know you are your parents’ baby
I don’t know your age
But I know you and my child are the same age
I don’t know whether your parents are still among us
But I know you are safe in the arms of this unfamiliar Aunt
I don’t know if you’re fast asleep, or in a coma
but I know you’ve just suffered a hellish trauma

Perhaps in your dreams you are remembering your mum’s kisses so dear
Perhaps in your coma you are stroking your daddy’s beard
Perhaps you have not woken from the shock yet
Perhaps you have remained among the memory before the Quake still
Perhaps you’re still waiting for your Mum and Dad to come back
Perhaps you are waiting for when you need no more ‘perhaps’

‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’
This is an anxious call of searching
This is an eruption of suppressed sorrow
This is a desperate cry of a grief-stricken heart
This is a faint hope among the immense suffering
‘Is any survivor here this child’s family member?’
This call is an earthquake shaking my soul
Ripping apart every parent’s heart

Child, I beg you to wake up soon
You still have many people who care for you
We are waiting for you to come back safe
We willl see to that a bright future will come apace
Child, I beg you to wake up soon
You are Sichuan’s child
You are China’s child
You are our child, everyone of us

Mom’s last feeding

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

This is a story about a mother’s last feeding, a feeding that won more time her baby.

- source:

The speed for the connection of the video might be slow. The mandarin voiceover can be briefly translated as follows.

This story is heard from a docter in the frontline. On 13th May, a rescue team found the body of a young mother in the rubble near Dujiangyan, protecting her 3 or 4 months old baby using her body. The mother was still breast-feeding the baby when she died. The baby was still suckling, but the mother had already passed away. The mother won the battle against the time for her baby, feeding and keeping her child alive with her love and courage.

Video: Thousands of children & student died in Sichuan Earthquake

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

The audiences are warned that the first half of this video contains some highly distressful pictures (they may have seen too many). However, in the second half, the author of this video, who was born and raised in Yingxiu and Dujiangyan, expressed his sorrow and love to his hometown, which is heart-warming.
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