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Heros - Dedicated to the brave people in Sichuan Earthquake, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008

This set of pictures are dedicated to the brave people in Sichuan Earthquake. Passed to us by Liu Hong.

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Heros - Dedicated to the brave people in Sichuan Earthquake, 2008
Be Brave

Tingting’s Love for Children in earthquake (2)

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

TingTing sent one more drawing and her letter to children in Sichuan:

Teacher’s love

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Translations from Chinese by Candice Zhou

In the Wenchuan earthquake, Huanhuan kindergarten in Zundao town was collapsed at the moment more than 80 children were having their noon snap. Three teachers and more than 50 children are killed in the disaster. Now two teachers are injuried and under operation. One child is still missing.

After the earthquake, parents were gathered around the ruins, calling their children’s names from time to time. At the beginning, children could give faint response. But as time passed by, the response became weaker and weaker. Parents felt helpless, sitting near the ruins, anxiously waiting for the rescuers.

The head of the kindergarten bursted into tears when she recalled the time when one of her teachers, Miss Qu Wangrong was found by the rescue team. “At that time, Miss Qu flutter to the ground, with her back firmly blocked the collapse of the concrete sheet, arms still firmly holding a child. The child is rescued, but Miss Qu has left us forever.”

In the ruins, you can see small pillows, quilts and shoes everywhere. People don’t want to imagine the helplessness and panic at that time. However, it’s because an ordinary people just like Miss Qu, we have more children rescued.

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Tomorrow, I’m going to Wenchuan

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

source: Baidu Post
Translated by Karen.

I am a surgeon. I am standing on the land of Beijing now. I resigned from my job in Livepool UK yesterday and hurried all my way back to Beijing. Sichuan is my hometown. My motherland is being devastrated by this disaster. I couldn’t bear to watching all these without doing something. I have to come back and fight in the front line.

It was on 12th of May when the 7.8 grade earthquake attacked my hometown. I couldn’t imagine how it looks like now, but I have to face the cruel fact that my dearest parents, who gave me life and raised me up, have died in this devastation. My uncle told me this terrible news that I would rather never know and hope it would never come true! My son kept asking me about his grandparents, ‘Where are grandpa and grandma? Are they all right?’ I don’t know how to answer.

I cried for a whole day, finished two dozen packs of cigerattes, then I decided to go back to my motherland by all means, either resigning or taking holidays - I just had to go back. I have lost my parents, and I have to save more parents. I still have my son. I hope to see more parents and children reunited with my contribution.

I arrived Beijing eventually. I phoned many hostipals, but all the rescure teams have already set out. All right, I just have to go by myself then. I have booked my flight ticket of 8am tomorrow for Chengdu. I am going to Wenchuan from Dujiangyan. I must go to the most severely-damaged places where more supports are needed.

I do not cry anymore. I have found a way to return gratitude to my parents. They worked hard to give me the chance to be a doctor. I can’t save my parents, but I can save someone else’s parents.

Dear dad and mum, your son is kneeing down to pay you last respect. From now on he will use all he has learned to help others. I wish what I do will make you proud and smile from the heaven.

Heaven Bless China.

Mom’s last feeding

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

This is a story about a mother’s last feeding, a feeding that won more time her baby.

- source:

The speed for the connection of the video might be slow. The mandarin voiceover can be briefly translated as follows.

This story is heard from a docter in the frontline. On 13th May, a rescue team found the body of a young mother in the rubble near Dujiangyan, protecting her 3 or 4 months old baby using her body. The mother was still breast-feeding the baby when she died. The baby was still suckling, but the mother had already passed away. The mother won the battle against the time for her baby, feeding and keeping her child alive with her love and courage.

Tingting’s Love for Children in earthquake

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Two drawings from the six-year-old for the children in China Quake:

“Crathes Castle” by Tingting

“Drum Castle” by Tingting

*************** Mom’s letter ************

My dear friends,

Everyday I receive either phone calls or e-mails from my friends around the world asking me if my family are safe in China. I want to give a heartfelt thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and concern.

The earthquake has not just hit the people in China, but overseas Chinese too, few days on my heart feels the pain and my tears could not stop while I am watching and reading the news.

This morning, I showed my daughter Tingting some of the after quake images on the internet, and told her that so many children have now lost their Mum and Dad; they have nothing left, because the earthquake has destroyed everything around Chengdu. She was listening and looking at the photographs, then she suddenly walked away from the computer quietly and I heard her bedroom door slam shut. I instantly thought maybe some of the images were too disturbing and had upset her, I went to her room to check, when I opened the door, a touching scene strike me before my eyes:

Tingting knelt down on the floor, two hands were shaking her moneybox and some pennies had dropped on the red carpet, she saw me come in, then quickly grabbed the pennies and held them in front of me:

“Mummy, give the children my money, tell them: please buy anything they like.”

Oh! The moment, my heart was tightening and my tears rushed out like pulling rain, I hugged her with all my heart and I was completely speechless.

“Is this enough Mummy,” she looked at me and asked with her pure innocent face.

When I looked down, my tears had dropped on her little hands with few brown and silver pennies. She put them down on the floor and said let’s count them:

“One, two, three…” she earnestly counted each penny and summed them up with her small fingers:

“Eighteen… wait Mum, I have more”. She then went to her draw and found her little purse, took other few pennies out,

“Is this enough now”! She had that little worried look on her face.

I wiped out my tear but still more burst out and I could not stop. I know that she was waiting for me to confirm.

“No, my little sweetie, its not enough here,” I watched her little face with a disappointment.

“But helps. Every penny you give to them all helps, help them to buy a pencil, paper so they can draw like you. Thank you Tingting https://..kamagra-oral-jelly/! My darling, Mum so proud of you!”

I hugged her so tight, and kissed her “Mum love you so much”.

“Mum, I want to you be happy”.

“Yes, I am happy! I am so happy you have a good and kind heart, you care about people”.

As a mother this is a best reward, and I am so proud of her, my little girl who is six years of age, who can be so considerate who has such a kind heart.

This is just a little story happened today and I would like to share with you, once again, thanks very much for your friendship. My family and friends in Chengdu are safe and well.

Here I attach the Website, a charity ” Mother Bridge of Love” which founded by my friend Xinran, who has given her heart to help children in China, if you would like to make a donation to help the Sichuan earthquake, you could find how to do it in the website.
Alternatively contact Wendy Wu at 020 70340686 for information about MBL.

Thank you all

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